About Us


About Us

FARMOTECH FED Farmer Producer Co. Ltd. is a farmer producer organisation engaged in agricultural farming, horticulture, fertiliser and pesticide trading, cattle rearing, poultry farming, fishery farming, agricultural machineries and tools, floriculture.

FARMOTECH FED Farmer Producer Co. Ltd. was incorporated on 24th January, 2022, to promote and avail high-quality agricultural inputs, mainly quality seeds, fertilisers, pesticides and custom hiring centre (ex. Drone).

The company's registered office is located at SBI Campus, Main Rd. Pachpedi, tehsil Masturi, Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh.

The company believes in the development of farmers and young agri-preneurs, with incorporating technology to better serve the nation.

FARMOTECH FED Farmer Producer Co. Ltd. aims at making market channels for the farmers both in cooperatives and private retail.